Cebu City—Through SENA, the life insurance benefit of an employee was recently claimed by the father, Director Rogen S. Cumba announced today.

The Request for Assistance is unusual considering that the claim was conceived from a dream.

According to Supervising LEO Rex P. Ramos who facilitated the settlement, the father sought assistance last May 21 to claim for the death benefit of his son who appeared in his dream.

“The father never expected to get something but he just followed his instinct as relayed to him by his son to get the insurance for his child.” he said.

His son meet an untimely death in an accident while visiting a friend’s house.

Mr. Ramos immediately informed the responding party which is a business process outsourcing company.

“We can call it coincidence. The deceased employee was covered with a life insurance policy which premiums was entirely paid by the company.” Ramos said.

During the conference, the father manifested that he received the insurance claim of his son worth P320, 000.

“Thank you RCMB, the amount will be of great help to secure the future of my grandchild”, he said.

Director Cumba commended Supervising LEO Ramos for the swift resolution of the request for assistance.

Under the SENA, the legitimate heirs may file the RFA in case of death.

Single-Entry Approach (SENA) program a 30-day mandatory conciliation mediation process which is a speedy, inexpensive and accessible mechanism to resolve disputes and conflicts.