Good News

Cebu City— The Ilaw at Buklod ng Manggagawa sa AFC and Atlas Fertilizer Corporation signs their Collective Bargaining Agreement recently.

AFC President & CEO Mr. Hironori Funahashi delivers his message.


The signing ceremony which took place last July 14 was virtually witnessed via the zoom by Regional Branch Director Edmundo T. Mirasol and Supervising LEO Rex P. Ramos

According to Atty. Sweet Faith A. Secio, the company’s Chief Compliance Officer and Legal Human Resource and General Affairs, it is the very first virtual signing ceremony of the CBA between the union and the management.

It covers the compensation provision for the CBA’s last two-year life 2020-2021.

“Virtual meetings used to be just an impossible dream 20 years ago. This pandemic makes virtual meetings look very ordinary and natural.”, says Atty. Secio.

In her message, Atty. Secio emphasized that the CBA conclusion will provide them an opportunity to move forward and focus on protecting the lives and health of the workers as they proceed to do business in the manufacturing of fertilizer.

“AFC affirms its value on giving importance to peaceful, cooperative and stable relationship to all our stakeholders, union, government and local community.”, she added.

Mr. Paulo Medalo A. Gica, the union president who led the officers during the event expressed thanks and was grateful for coming up with the bargaining which was satisfactory for everyone.

“The union enjoins with the company to increase the goodwill and prosperity of the business and this shall be accomplished through hardwork, loyalty, and dedication for the best business interest of the company as well as to sustain progress further without interruption.”, Mr. Gica said.

On one hand, Mr. Jose Miguel C. Abad, Senior Vice-President Production Group and Chairperson of the management panel in his message also thanked the union for their professionalism, understanding, patience and the civility they have shown during the negotiation.

He further expressed gratitude to fellow panelist for the cooperation and to the management for support and guidance which brought the early resolution and conclusion of the CBA.

“If not for this pandemic, this could have been the shortest and the fastest CBA that I have attended.”, Abad said.

On one hand, AFC President and CEO Mr. Hironori Funahashi acknowledged that the performance of all Atlas employees in 2019 was remarkable.

“It should deserve special mention that such performance, teamwork, cohesiveness and obedience has been maintained even under the social depression due to COVID.”, he said.

“Our products are essential inputs for crop production. We have the commitment with the farmers nationwide to produce and deliver our fertilizer to them. With the support and cooperation of union members, we must be able to achieve our mission in new normal.”, he added.

In his message, Director Mirasol revealed that there is a special kind of relationship between IBM and AFC worthy of emulation by other social partners.

“Since the institutionalization of IBM in the company, it has proven itself to be a true partner of management- an Inspiration, a Buddy-strong buddy, Matinud-anong abag sa AFC.”, he shared.

Director Mirasol further stressed the absence of a major labor dispute involving the company and the emphasis in embracing the non-adversarial way of resolving dispute through pro-active plant level processes brought positive relationship of both which became contagious in surrounding communities. IBM proved to be a reliable partner in promoting industrial peace.

Atlas Fertilizer Corporation is the oldest operating and the first fertilizer company in the country to achieve full scale manufacturing of a complete line of mixed fertilizer grades.