Press release Cebu City—Through SENA, a plumber/electrician of a realty company received financial assistance after its successful settlement recently, announced Regional Branch Director Edmundo T. Mirasol. 

The financial assistance amounting to P2, 000 was received last August 17.

According to Conciliator-Mediator Paciano L. Murro Jr. who facilitated the settlement, the requesting party filed his request last March12 for alleged constructive dismissal due to demotion.

In one of the parties’ conference, it was learned that the actual length of service was only three months contrary to what the plumber/electrician declared in his request of seven months.

“The requesting party’s previous four months was cut after he worked with another company and then he reapplied.”, Conmed Murro said. 

In addition to the financial assistance, management gave in kind 10 kilos of rice and assorted canned goods to the plumber/electrician to help cushion the impact of the latter’s difficulties during this period of COVID 19 pandemic.

The requesting party was overjoyed and very thankful to his former employer and this Branch.

Director Mirasol commended Conmed Murro for the swift resolution of the request for assistance.

Single-Entry Approach (SENA) program a 30-day mandatory conciliation mediation process which is a speedy, inexpensive and accessible mechanism to resolve disputes and conflicts.