Press release Cebu City—The Facebook Messenger application was instrumental for a recent settlement of a Request for Assistance at the Regional Branch here, announced Director Edmundo T. Mirasol. 

Senior LEO Remus M. Caducoy who facilitated the request said that a sales clerk employed in a bakeshop sought assistance last June 15 for underpayment of wage and unpaid salary.

The board immediately informed the parties for an online conference using FB Messenger which took place last June 24.

During the conference, the management informed that they have a Barangay Micro Business Enterprise certificate which she provided a copy to this office and also informed that they are willing to pay the unpaid salary of the salesclerk after counterchecking their records.

“Through calls and text messages, I made follow-up on the update of the claim and the owner relayed that it is ready for release.” Caducoy said.

The settlement payment of P4,714.40 representing the 15-day salary was made last August 4 when the parties finally  met  in a  hardware store in Lapu-lapu City right after the quarantine restrictions of the city  loosened up.

The sales clerk is a resident of Lapu-Lapu City while the management is from Mandaue City.

Director Mirasol commended Senior LEO Caducoy for the speedy and immediate resolution of the request for assistance.

 Single-Entry Approach (SENA) program a 30-day mandatory conciliation mediation process which is a speedy, inexpensive and accessible mechanism to resolve disputes and conflicts.